Lee Mann and Son Photography


"Sitting stormbound in a tent on Denali (Mount McKinley), I made a momentous decision; I decided I would give up my first career, teaching, and spend the rest of my days photographing those things that excited me most. Thirty years, thousands of photographs and many travels later, I'm convinced I made the right choice."



Creative Vision 

"I also decided I would not take assignments or solicit advertising clients, but rather would photograph what interested me, print it to the best of my ability, and offer it for sale in the form of high-quality photographic prints. I still feel a photograph from the original negative or file printed by the photographer is the highest expression of photographic art."


Affordable Prints 

"Seeking to offer a more affordable alternative to limited-edition prints, in 1994 I began producing some of my work as reproductions. Today, our distributor in North America and Europe markets 110 posters and 200 note cards."

                                                                                                                                              ~ Lee Mann


Welcome to Lee Mann Photography

Fine art photography by Lee and Bryce Mann. Mainly NW subject matter: landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and birds. Custom printing and framing for other photographers.

We would like to point out that all of Lee Mann wildlife subjects are totally wild, free, and unrestrained in any way. There are no zoo, game park, aquarium or captive animal photographs in my collection. Also there are no computer-combined photographs.

Five percent of all website and gallery sales are donated to conservation. At our choosing, funds are divided among The Nature Conservancy, The North Cascades Conservation Council, The Skagit Land Trust, and the Washington National Park Fund.

We hope you enjoy our work and that our photographs remind us all to treat the earth, our only home, a little more gently.

Our Services and More

Framing and Laminating

  • Prints are trimmed and prepared for mounting.
  • Laminate seals the entire package.
  • The surface can be cleaned with any liquid glass cleaner.
  • No reflection glare.
  • The print and laminate have a display life more than 100 years.
  • All prints are available both unframed (print only) and framed.
  • Shipped with hanger, ready to hang.
  •  “Floater Frame” = No crooked picture, no swing, no sway.


Land Trust Poster  –  Land Trust License Plate

With every breath we draw, we owe a debt to the natural world. Here are two small paybacks!

Send us a check for $30.00 (or more!) made out to “Skagit Land Trust” (NOT to us) with your address and we will send you one of our signed Land Trust Posters.

We donated one of our prints to the Washington National Park Fund for use as Washington State License Plates. Washingtonians can now sport one of my photographs on their bumper and help a good cause!

Contact: wnpf@nationalparks.org for more information.

Art for Public Buildings

  • We now provide single-image panoramas up to 10 feet long.
  • We can visit your building, make proposals and provide estimates.
  • Multi-panel (triptychs, diptychs, etc.) up to 20 feet long.
  • We can deliver to your building and hang the finished photographs.
  • Our photographs have a 100 year display life and can be cleaned with any glass cleaner and paper towels.

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Tributes to

Lee Mann 

"Lee Mann became a mentor of sorts to me a few years ago. His encouragement to follow my heart and trust my inner voice will stick to my soul the rest of my days. Thank you Lee for all you have done to make the world a better place. There will be no replacement for you and you are already sorely missed.

~ Brad Wellman

"Hello Mr. Mann! You were my Library teacher oh so many years ago in Sedro Woolley. I have followed your career and your beautiful photos for a long time. They are very inspiring! It is truly a gift to be so talented and to be in a position to pursue it for most of your lifetime. I wish you the best.

~Sincerely, Rebecca (Ferrall) Banks

"What a talented and wonderful person, truly a delight in so many ways. A lover of nature, birds, animals, straight talking, and beauty in all forms. I will remember his work, all the fun times, and the sparkle in his eyes until the day I die. I miss you very, very much. Your pictures of the palouse are a treasure, being with you when you took them memorable beyond belief."